Welcome to Azul Y Verde, your exclusive escape to Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, known as one of the world’s exceptional Blue Zones. Nestled amidst beautiful beaches and lush forests, we have perfected the blend of private luxury with well being, tranquility and longevity. From eco conscious accommodations that honor nature to rejuvenating wellness activities, every detail at Azul Y Verde is crafted to elevate your overall health. Picture starting your morning with yoga overlooking the azure sea, joining a guided nature walk full of new discoveries throughout the day and concluding with a delightful culinary experience that nourishes both body and spirit.

Discovering the Heart of Costa Rica: The Nicoya Peninsula

At Azul Y Verde, it’s not just about a vacation; it’s about an immersive journey inspired by the Nicoya Peninsula’s renowned reputation as a Blue Zone. This beloved region is famous for its stunning scenery and remarkable longevity among its inhabitants. Life here is cherished, with each day celebrated for its health and joy. The wisdom of living longer and healthier lives is deeply ingrained in this community fabric and we are thrilled to pass on these invaluable insights to you.

A Costa Rica Luxury Vacation: Our Resort Experience

Our resort is a sanctuary where modern luxuries seamlessly blend with the untouched beauty of nature, creating a space that rejuvenates the body and soothes the soul. Every aspect, from our eco friendly accommodations to our wellness programs, is carefully designed to echo the lifestyle practices found in Blue Zones. Guests are invited to participate in rejuvenating activities like morning yoga sessions overlooking the sea, guided nature walks to explore the wildlife of the peninsula and wellness workshops that embrace local traditions of herbal medicine.

Additionally, our resort boasts an eco conscious golf course, a serene sauna, a state of the art gym facility and a private cinema. Offering an array of activities catering to all preferences. Each amenity, from the environmentally friendly ‘EFG’ golf experience to the captivating cinema ambiance, is crafted to minimize environmental impact while enhancing guest satisfaction and overall well being.

Revitalizing Activities: Embracing the Peninsula’s Lifestyle

Azul Y Verde takes pride in offering an adventure that mirrors the lifestyle associated with longevity in Blue Zones. During your Costa Rica luxury vacation, our chefs specialize in creating nourishing dishes using locally sourced ingredients. These dishes not only tantalize your taste buds but also embody dietary principles believed to support health and longevity inspired by the Nicoya community’s way of life.

Culinary Delights: Nourishing Body and Soul

Choosing to spend your time at Azul Y Verde means immersing yourself in a setting dedicated to promoting a lifestyle that enhances health and longevity. It’s a tranquil retreat where stress fades away, time seems to slow down and the balance between body, mind and spirit is rejuvenated. Join us as we delve into the mysteries of living well in one of the most enchanting Blue Zones on Earth.

Embarking in a Costa Rica luxury vacation at Azul Y Verde reveals more than just a holiday destination—it opens doors to a healthier, extended life nestled within Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone. Our upscale resort offers more than relaxation; it provides an enriching experience that blends luxury with the wellness practices of the world’s longest living societies. From sustainable living initiatives and health oriented activities to delightful culinary adventures, every aspect of Azul Y Verde is designed to nurture vitality and happiness. Book now for this extraordinary exploration and witness how luxury seamlessly intertwines with longevity at Azul Y Verde, your peaceful haven in the heart of Costa Rica’s Blue Zone.