Discover the Perfect Blend of Nature & Golf

We offer putting and driving turf on the roof of the villa but the most exceptional experience is our unique golfing adventure at our innovative Eco-fun golf course. With 9 greens and 18 tees set amidst the stunning natural landscape, this environmentally friendly course allows you to enjoy the sport while being conscious of your impact on the environment.

Experience golfing like never before amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Villa Sublime’s eco-friendly course. Book your stay now and tee off into a world of luxury and sustainability, creating unforgettable memories on and off the greens.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, Villa Sublime’s Eco-fun golf course promises an unparalleled blend of recreation and conservation in a setting of unrivaled beauty.

Minimizing Environmental Impacts:

  • Minimize earthmoving and preserving natural obstacles (Trees, rocks, rivers…)

  • Leave space to nature, animals and ecological corridors 

  • Use less than a 15 hectare (37 acres) area when two tee shots can be created for each green (18 tee shots for 9 greens

  • More technically-oriented than power oriented (maximum distance 250 meters/275 yards – PAR4)

  • Use less than 15% of usual water consumption

Discover Our Eco-Friendly Golf Course: A Unique Environmentally Sustainable Golfing Adventure

Golfing Amidst Stunning Landscapes

Same tees for men and women

Privilege ‘challenging’ shots over ‘long-distance’ shots 

Reduce the time on the course (maximum 2 hours) 

Have a course PAR of 54 to 60 

Have most PAR3 & PAR4 and a maximum of 2 holes with PAR2 (yes PAR2!) when the total distance to the hole is less or equal than 50 meters/55 yards 

No Handicap